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Medium Size Display. Size can be customized upon
request (bigger or smaller). Tested while engine
was cold before starting at night.

How hot is your engine? Especially when you get crazy and race your car like a gigolo who fears loose his dick.
Is it around ¾ or near the full scale according your temperature gauge?
Raise the temperature a little higher and then you can hear your radiator or its hose blows up.
The worse thing if your original temperature could not do its job correctly or even dead.

Maybe a temperamental man like you need some stuff to remind while in “crazy mode” before loosing your radiator and cylinder head.
You may choose my digital temperature gauge with “buzzer warning”. It screams when engine temperature exceed 95 degree Celsius or at any value you need (80, 85, 90 degree Celsius etc).
Its only Rp. 300.000,- or Rp. 220.000 without “buzzer warning” equipment. The shipping cost is charged upon you because my stuff can not fly to your house by itself.

RANGE : SPEEDOMETER 0 – 199 KM/h, TACHOMETER 0 – 8000 Engine RPM
Or Upon request

Uncovered soldered-kit. Due to various sizes
and design of respective car models, design
are tailored upon your request

We supply analog bargraph tachometer and digital speedometer kit, both for unsoldered and already-soldered. Its devoted to the hobbyists who want to build hi-tech looks customized control panel for their cars or other type of vehicles. The tachometer is bargraph type because its not convenient to look digital value when we rev-up our engines. The value of speed in kilometer per hour (Km/h) is convenient to read as digital value and gives the sense of hi-tech. Since the unit is sold as kit, you -- of course – have to design the cover and case yourselves. It depends on your sense of art.

Tested with oscillator as an virtual engine

The picture above is the unit powered and tested with oscillator at  8.000 rpm engine speed equivalent for 4 cylinder engine. Its in uncovered state. The seven bright white LEDs are designed for backlights of  seven number start from 1 to 7 to be multiplied by 1.000 rpm. Thus the number of 3 will indicate 3.000 Rpm. The 2 brighter white LEDs are backlights for printed measurement unit (Km/h) and your own words (brand, etc).

1. Soldered kit (fully functional unit + sensor speedometer + manual book)      Rp. 450.000,-
2. Unsoldered kit (PCB, components, sensor speedometer + manual book)        Rp. 400.000,-

Bargraph Analog Fuel Gauge 

Sample above is designed for Toyota Corolla DX
For other brand,  logo and car make can be

The classic cars have their own classic problems. Old wiring system, electrical gauge that mostly current drive type are prone to fail due to aging. Its preferably to use voltage driven type gauge instead of current driven type since its more stable and easy to be controlled by programmable microcontrollers. If you can’t find or afford the original stock of spare parts related to fuel gauge, you can alternatively choose our bargraph analog fuel gauge.

This gauge convert current type sensor (float) on your gas tank to be read in voltage driven 10 bar LEDs. So there’s no need to change your original fuel sender unit to adapt to this gauge. The voltage supply for this unit is regulated and not influenced by any voltage fluctuation caused by electrical load and other sources such as revving-up the engine. Its also equipped with slosh filter that reduce fluctuation reading caused by fluctuation of level float due to surface variation of gas in the fuel tank caused by vehicle movements.

Price: Rp. 150.000,-


I have designed and produced various kinds of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs). Designing, routing, and printing are fully computerized. Since my focus and interest are in automotive and robotic technology, I can only supply PCB related on control and automation on those fields. Please to be free to call me if you need so.


Multiplexing is not uncommon automotive applied technology today. Some car make have incorporated onboard computer display on their product line. Said BMW E36, 323i, Chevrolet Zafira, etc.. It would be different if your classic cars made tens years ago incorporated this technology. We proudly will support you if you want to make it so. We have years of experience in programming microcontrollers to build the multiplexing system on antique vehicles.


Charger Unit


1.                 Digital Voltmeter Equipped
2.                 15 Amperes transformer
3.                 Computerized, control by microprocessor
4.                 Interactive LCD display
5.                 Custom labeling on LCD indicating the owner name, greeting etc at power up
6.                 Dual mode, fully automatic and manual. Selectable via control-button
7.                 Wrong polarity detection and protection, warning via LCD
8.                 Open clamp and other fault warning via LCD
9.                 Hook on battery without releasing battery from the car (on system charging)
10.            Pulsed charging, prevent your battery from boiling on fast charging
11.            Charging stop when battery is full. Cycle auto loop if battery voltage drop again
12.            Suitable for both for crank and deep cycle battery
13.            Affordable price compared to other products at the same class

Price : Rp. 1.500.000,-

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